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BIS2020 Vol. II: Future of Finance with Square’s Jackie Reses

BIS2020 Vol. II: Future of Finance with Square’s Jackie Reses
by ARK Invest

Jackie Reses, the Capital Lead at Square, was a special guest at BIS2020 Volume II. During her segment, she answered our questions on fintech and the future of finance. Jackie leads a team that works to unlock access to credit, providing sellers with access to the funding they need to grow and consumers with the ability to pay for purchases over time and we are honored to have her join us.

ARK believes that the turbulence caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is giving innovation an opportunity to break through the traditional world order. Unlike their entrenched and bureaucratic competitors, those offering faster, cheaper, more effective, and creative products and services should gain significant market share and help people and businesses to overcome this crisis.

We believe that genomics and fintech are two areas primed to gain traction but currently represent some of the most misunderstood parts of the market. In addition, we believe that fintechs will undermine bank branches and other financial services while leading to an over $800 billion opportunity in the US equity market.

For that reason, on June 24th ARK hosted BIS2020 Volume II, a live Q&A video conference that brought together a group of experts from our research ecosystem to help answer questions on innovation, fintech, genomics, and the market outlook.