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    Disruptive Innovation: Why Now?

    by | Market Insights White Paper

    Through an extensive research process, we have identified five transformative disruptive innovation platforms that could change the way the world works and become the critical productivity signposts that future historians identify. We believe that historians will look back on this era as one of unprecedented technological foment. They will see critical inflections in artificial intelligence […]

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    Thematic Investing: Strategies For An Exponential World

    by | Market Insights White Paper

    Given recent market dynamics, ARK decided to go back to basics and examine how thematic strategies perform over a full market cycle. Thematic Investing For An Exponential World tests ARK’s hypothesis that in a rapidly changing world, thematic strategies position investors to enjoy the rising tides of innovation and offer an attractive complement to traditional investment […]

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    Why This Bull Market May Continue to Surprise

    by | Market Insights Review

    Typically, a bull market ends with confidence and exuberance, not to mention rapid inflows. Surprisingly, neither of those conditions characterizes equity markets today. In October 2014 I shared a “Different Interpretation of Recent Market Signals” with you, laying out what we later learned to be true. Today, I would like to share my thoughts with […]