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    Alzheimer’s: Solving a Major Unmet Need

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    An Alzheimer’s treatment that converts the neurodegenerative disease from a cruel killer into a tolerable chronic condition could become the best selling drug in history.1 According to ARK’s estimates, the annual revenue associated with an effective Alzheimer’s treatment could approximate to $120 billion USD.2 While many companies have attempted to develop an effective treatment, not one has […]

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    Companion Diagnostics (CDx): More Drugs At A Fraction Of The Cost

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    Prime Time for Companion Diagnostics We think the drug approval process remains convoluted, costly, and time-consuming, but it is about to change. The increased adoption of Companion Diagnostics (CDx)—tests that identify the most suitable patients for a particular treatment—holds much promise. ARK expects that CDx will improve patient outcomes demonstrably, reduce research and development spending […]

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    Illumina Is the Bedrock of the Genomic Revolution

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    Illumina  is the cornerstone of our Genomic Revolution theme, and one of our highest conviction stocks.  In response to an earnings preannouncement this week, it dropped as much as 25% in one day.  While investors fear that it has passed its fastest growth rate, in our view Illumina is leading a genomic revolution that has […]

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    A Bitter Pill: The High Cost of Sovaldi

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    It’s almost impossible to imagine a pharma company giving up on a patent. The impossible can happen, as it did in August 2014, when Vertex Pharmaceuticals gave up on Incivek, its flagship hepatitis C treatment. “This decision has been taken in view of available alternative treatments and the diminishing market demand for Incivek,” read a […]

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    Biosimilars vs Generics: History Does Not Repeat, It Rhymes

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    Healthcare investors likely remember the devastating impact of generic drugs on drug prices in the late 1980s. While traditional firms struggled, many successful biotechnology companies took root during this turbulent period. Focusing on the growing field of biologic medicine, many biotech firms were acquired by pharmaceutical companies looking to lower research and development costs, while […]

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    Immunotherapy: Unleashing the Immune System to Decimate Cancer

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    For more than a century, surgery and poison have been the antidotes to cancer. When tumors are discovered, doctors decide whether or not to remove them surgically. With or without surgery, doctors typically prescribe chemotherapy in an attempt to eradicate the disease chemically. Immunotherapy is the most heralded cancer treatment of the last 20 years, offering […]

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    Zafgen Offers Hope For The Obese

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    It is no secret that obesity is linked to health risks. Obesity is associated with a higher risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, as well as the psychological effects from discrimination and the stigma. Weight is not the only excess, however. Spending is as well. Zafgen might have an answer. Obese individuals spend on […]

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    An Oasis in the Wasteland: Can In-Silico Drug Discovery Help Save Pharma?

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    Advances in algorithmic science and cloud computing could increase the success rate of drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry, while considerably reducing costs. Given the size of R&D spending in the pharmaceutical industry, and its current low success rate, the positive impact on profits could be dramatic. Over the past ten years the pharmaceutical industry […]