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    Rockets on the Rise: New Space Market Brings Explosive Opportunities

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    Update: ARK published this article about new space market back in October 2014 after the Antares rocket explosion. In the last three months of 2015 several exciting events in the space industry have increased ARK’s conviction in the commercialization of space. First, Congress passed the Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act, which protects private spaceflight from regulatory […]

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    Google’s Internet: Out of This World

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    Google’s latest plan to expand Internet coverage is out of this world ­– literally. It plans to spend between $1 and $3 billion in total to buy and launch 180 satellites that will provide the Internet to undeserved regions of the world. The tech giant hopes to increase both its user base and its revenue by […]

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    Outer Space: A New Investment Frontier?

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    Outer space is the newest investment frontier, and the lure of a virgin market has started a “space race” to commercialize it. New technology is helping to reduce rocket launch costs and is making satellite deployment more efficient. The sky is no longer the limit for disruptive innovation.