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    On the Road to Full Autonomy With Elon Musk

    by | Podcast

    Today we are thrilled to be in Fremont, CA with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In this episode Tasha Keeney, Analyst at ARK Invest and Cathie Wood, Founder, CEO, and CIO at ARK Invest chat with Elon about the future of Tesla and autonomous driving. The podcast conversation kicks off by sizing the upcoming boom in […]

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    Understanding the Autonomous Vehicle Landscape and the Opportunity it Creates for Investors

    by | Podcast

    Welcome to FYI, the For Your Innovation Podcast. This show offers an intellectual discussion on technologically enabled disruption, because we believe that investing in innovation starts with understanding it. Today on the show we welcome on Tasha Keeney, Analyst at ARK Investment, who covers autonomous transport and 3D printing. ARK is a leading investment manager […]

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    Big Ideas 2018

    by | Market Insights

    Since our founding in 2014, ARK Invest has had one focus: Disruptive Innovation. We define disruptive innovation as the introduction of a technologically enabled new product or service that is going to change the way the world works and make it a better place. Seeking to educate investors and innovation enthusiasts, ARK decided to publish […]

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    Why Autonomous Electric Trucks Are The Future Of Shipping

    by | Industrial

    US truck shipments compromise a $180 billion industry and cost roughly 12 cents per ton-mile today. As automakers are waking up to the realization that electric, autonomous drivetrains are the future of passenger vehicles, ARK’s research shows that commercial trucks will follow in line. Converting diesel trucks into electric vehicles will reduce operating costs, thanks to […]

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    China’s Booming Autonomous Car Opportunity

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    Mentioned Companies: BIDU, GM, NVDA, TSLA

    According to ARK’s research models, China will become one of the largest markets for autonomous mobility-as-a-service, reaching $2.5 trillion by 2030. At the same time, automobile sales in China could fall below expectations as a result of autonomous taxi services. Automakers with large exposure to China should launch autonomous cars in partnerships with local players […]