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    The Genomic Revolution with Prof. Dr. George Church

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    Today on FYI – For Your Innovation we are joined by Dr. George Church for a high-level discussion with ARK’s genomics analysts, Simon Barnett and Manisha Samy, on the current and future status of the field of genetics. Dr. Church is a pioneer of synthetic biology and an influencer in the field of genomics. He […]

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    CRISPR Controversy – A conversation with Stanford Prof. Henry Greely

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    On the show today we welcome Professor Henry Greely from Stanford to talk a about the recent developments in the genetic field and particularly the latest controversy around CRISPR technology. Professor Greely is the Director at the Center for Law and Biosciences at Stanford, he’s a Professor of Genetics at the Stanford School of Medicine, […]

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    Understanding DNA, the Human Genome, and the Rise of CRISPR

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    In fewer than five years, Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, or CRISPR genome-editing technology, has taken the scientific community by storm, not only revolutionizing the pace of biological breakthroughs but also promising medicines that cure diseases now considered incurable. Please enjoy a primer to assist in understanding DNA, the human genome, and the rise of […]