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    The Addressable Market for Utility Energy Storage Could Scale to $800 Billion

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    Mentioned Companies: TSLA

    Elon Musk has stated that Tesla’s energy storage business will be as large as its car business in the long-term.1 ARK’s research shows that foregoing planned gas peaker plants and replacing them with utility scale energy storage could generate roughly $10 billion in revenues per year, more than six times Tesla’s $1.5 billion utility energy […]

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    Building a Sustainable Future of Electric Powered Vehicles

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    Welcome back to another episode of the For Your Innovation Podcast. Today on the show we are joined by Sam Korus, ARK’s Thematic Analyst covering robotics, energy storage, and space exploration. In this episode we are going to talk about the fundamental materials you need to build a future powered by electric vehicles and digging […]

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    ARK Disrupt Issue 132: Chips, Fintech, Batteries, MaaS, & Drug Trials

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    Please enjoy ARK Disrupt Issue 132. This blog series is based on ARK Brainstorming, a weekly discussion between our CEO, Director of Research, thematic analysts, ARK’s theme developers, thought leaders, and investors. It is designed to present you with the most recent innovation takeaways and to keep you engaged in an ongoing discussion on investing in […]

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    The Future of Autos and Trucks Is Electric

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    This is an executive summary of ARK Invest’s electric vehicles white paper: The Future of Autos and Trucks Is Electric ARK Expects Global EV Sales To Exceed Current Forecasts, Substantially ARK expects global sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) to reach 17 million units by 2022, while agencies like the EIA are forecasting only two to four […]

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    Free Residential Solar Panels? Not Worth The Money.

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    Mentioned Companies: SCTY

    On some level, the argument for the adoption of solar has been simple: at some future date, declines in the cost of solar power will generate cheaper electrons than those from traditional power plants. For decades, this forecast of “grid parity”[1] has supported the case for subsidizing a technology that has been around for decades […]

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    Will Global Oil Demand Peak Before 2020?

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    Mentioned Companies: BMW, BP, NSANY, TSLA

    If current trends in the advancement of electric vehicle (EV) drivetrains and autonomous technology continue, oil demand could peak before the end of the decade. ARK’s research indicates that battery system costs will drop significantly, driving EV demand to levels that far exceed policymakers’ expectations. In addition, Uber-like autonomous taxi services will lower the price of […]

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    2022: The Year Electric Vehicles Leave Gas Cars in the Dust

    by | Industrial

    UPDATE: This article has been updated as of October 17, 2016. The automotive industry is approaching a profound inflection point: by 2022 the demand for electric vehicles1 (EVs) will begin to outpace that for gasoline powered cars. As the cost of lithium-ion cells falls faster than most analysts have anticipated and the cost to manufacture traditional […]

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    The Abundance of Lithium

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    Mentioned Companies: ALB, BP, FMC, ORE, SQM

    Despite speculation to the contrary, lithium resource constraints are unlikely to short circuit accelerating electric vehicle (EV) sales. ARK believes global lithium reserves[1] will continue to grow even as lithium production rises to meet EV demand. Lithium mining companies with low-cost resources stand to benefit as new higher cost supply comes on line. During the […]

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    Lithium-ion Battery Showdown; Is Tesla About To Be Overpowered?

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: BMW, GM, TSLA

    Will Tesla’s devotion to last decade’s battery system technology undermine its competitive advantage over the latter half of this decade? At first glance: Yes! On further reflection: No! While a simple analysis of the relative price declines of the two major battery form-factors—cylindrical and pouch—would suggest that the likes of General Motors and BMW will produce electric […]

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    July mARKet update webinar – Spotlight: Industrial Innovation

    by | Market Insights Webinar
    Mentioned Companies: SCTY, TSLA

    ‘mARKet update’ is a 20 minute monthly webinar series presented by ARK’s CEO/CIO Catherine Wood and her teams of thematic analysts. It offers a Q&A-based discussion on recent market developments, macro economics, and thematic investing in disruptive innovation. July Spotlight: Industrial Innovation – Automotive Industry, Tesla, Energy Storage, SolarCity  

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    Update: Tesla Could Sell a Million Vehicles Per Year by 2020

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: BMW, DDAIF, TSLA

    Elon Musk’s depiction of Tesla’s competitive positioning in the marketplace, highlighted in the company’s Q4 2015 earnings release, is very similar to an analysis that ARK Invest did 12 months ago to project likely demand for Tesla vehicles in 2020. In this piece we updated that analysis and its accompanying blog post to reflect 2015 […]

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    Tesla’s Battery Technology Powers its Moat – “Faster Than Falling.”

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: GM, TSLA

    Tesla’s improvements in its battery technology demonstrate the durability of its competitive lead even amidst new electric vehicle announcements from major manufacturers. The goal of ARK’s thematic research and investing is to assess the true signifiers of future value—often overlooked, ignored or misinterpreted—as companies seed disruptive innovation into the marketplace. On this basis, ARK believes […]

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    Is Tesla A Real Disruptor? – An ARK Research Case Study

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: TSLA

    The ARK ecosystem was founded on the belief that transparent, collaborative, and interdisciplinary information flow will provide unique investment insights. A dedicated team of  Analysts and Portfolio Managers works closely with external Theme Developers1, who validate and support our theme-based research, to help us make better informed investment decisions. This Tesla case study shows the […]

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    Tesla’s Battery Pack System Will Almost Double its Range

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    Mentioned Companies: TSLA

    The cost of Tesla’s  battery pack system is poised to decline rapidly, allowing the range of a Model S equivalent vehicle to hit 430 miles by 2019. As lithium-ion battery costs continue to decline, electric vehicles will drop in price and/or become more powerful. ARK estimates suggest Tesla paid an average of $400 per kWh […]

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    Tesla’s Residential Energy Storage: Uneconomic and Premature

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    Mentioned Companies: ENOC

    In April, Tesla announced its Powerwall, an energy-system for homes and offices. Barring a change in business model, however, residential energy storage is unlikely to contribute meaningfully to Tesla’s revenue. Theoretically, if deployed at scale, Tesla’s Powerwall could save the US economy $26 billion annually. Charging at night and distributing power during the day, the […]

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    Is Elon Musk Giving Up on Battery Swaps?

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: BMW, TSLA

    On Monday, March 16th, Elon Musk tweeted cryptically an update about the Tesla battery swaps 1 pilot program: Perhaps Elon will explain what he means by non-commercial traffic in greater detail during his “end range anxiety” announcement on March 19th. Until then, the tweet could be a sign that Tesla will not roll out a […]

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    Tesla Battery System Costs Will Drop 40% by 2020

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: GM, NSANY, PCRFY, TSLA

    Tesla claims that the economies of scale associated with its Gigafactory will drive the cost of lithium-ion tesla battery pack systems down more than 30% by 2017. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the decline extends well beyond the battery itself: the breakthroughs will be in the system costs of the battery pack. Battery prices have been […]

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    Tesla Model S @ $80,000: What a Deal!

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: BMW, GM, NSANY, TSLA

    Tesla’s Model S stands out among electric vehicles (EVs)… and, not just for looks! Of the top ten selling EVs in the United States, the Model S has the most powerful battery – 85 kWh. As shown in the chart below, in performance comparisons all other EV batteries are one-third its size, at the most.1 Why […]

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    EV Market: Tesla Has Lots of Room to Run

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: TSLA

    Today Tesla’s  electric vehicles (EV) barely register as a percent of the luxury car market, let alone the overall car market. Because growth in the EV market has barely begun, Tesla has lots of room to run, especially if it increases market share. We predict that the EV market will grow rapidly as technological advances […]

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    Mirai vs. Tesla: Toyota’s Challenge with Fuel Cells

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: F, GM, NSANY, TM, TSLA

    UPDATE: The data within this post has been updated by ARK Thematic Analyst David Conway. The updated post can be found here. When the new Toyota Mirai goes on sale in 2015, those who have access to a hydrogen fueling station will be able to purchase it for roughly $70,000, about the same price as […]