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    The Vibrant Online Education Space with Aaron Nace

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    Today we hear from Aaron Nace, the founder of Phlearn, an online education startup focused on digital photography and image editing. Aaron was one of the first YouTube educators to help people get fluent with digital tools like Photoshop and Lightroom and founded his company to help amateurs grow their careers as full-time creatives. We […]

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    Innovation Pipeline with Prof. Steve Masiclat

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    On the show today we welcome Professor Steve Masiclat (Newhouse School, Syracuse University) to explain his ideas around the innovation pipeline and the issues he sees arising when it comes to reaching the next level of disruptive innovations. Buckle up for this episode, as we are diving deep into AI and big data. In our […]

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    As the Cost of College Rises, Online Education Becomes a Promising Alternative

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    Classes, adventures, friendships… and debt. College experiences are universal but prices have increased significantly over the past forty years. As seen below, by 2013 a private college cost $40,917 per year, 2.5 times as much as it did in 1974. Can online education become a promising alternative? From 1973 to 2013, annual median household income remained […]