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    Parcel Drone Delivery Should Supercharge Ecommerce

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    ARK previously estimated that, given regulatory approval in the US, an Amazon drone could deliver a package in less than half an hour profitably today for $0.90, cutting the cost of domestic shipping by roughly 90%. Adjusting for our updated assumptions, particularly the efficiency of autonomous flight and the amount of human intervention, ARK now estimates that […]

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    Order Your Pizza for Delivery as the Crow Flies

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    ARK previously estimated that the potential market for food delivery orders could be measured in the trillions, thanks to the convenience of online platforms like Grubhub and DoorDash. In this blog, we examine the impact of autonomous drones on food delivery and size the opportunity for delivery providers. Autonomous electric drones could add dramatically to […]

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    January mARKet Update Webinar

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    January mARKet update Spotlight: Market Outlook & Big Ideas 2020.   ‘mARKet update’ | What We Discovered This Month We invite you to join our 30-minute monthly webinar series presented by ARK’s Chief Investment Officer, Catherine D. Wood, and her teams of thematic analysts. The webinar offers a Q&A-based discussion on recent market developments, macro […]

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    Introduction to ARK’s Big Ideas 2020

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    Join James Wang as he interviews Cathie Wood (CEO and CIO at ARK Invest) on our recently published Big Ideas 2020 report. On this podcast Cathie will share her perspective on some of the biggest breakthroughs ARK believes should not be missed in the coming year. What is ARK’s Big Ideas Report? This annual research […]

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    These Innovations Have the Potential to Save Lives

    by | Health
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    We believe that innovation is changing the way the world works and ultimately making it a better place by saving lives, delivering productivity advancements, empowering users and developers, and reducing the environmental and social externalities of economic growth. Below, we highlight a few examples from our previously published research on how disruptive innovation saves lives. […]

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    Delivery Drones Could Serve a Large Swath of the US Population

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    Mentioned Companies: AMZN

    Delivery drones are ready to launch, once regulators give them the greenlight. So how many people will these drones be able to serve in the US? Our research suggests that, if the FAA approved them today, Amazon’s drones could transport packages to more than 50 million people in roughly 30 minutes. The battery improvements we […]

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    Air Taxis Are On The Way

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    Mentioned Companies: BA, EADSY, TSLA

    “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters,” said Peter Thiel in 2013.1 Five years later, we have twice as many characters per tweet, but no flying cars. In our view, a vehicle for both the road and the air will never see the light of day. In fewer than five years, however, personal […]

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    Amazon Drones Could Deliver a Package in Under Thirty Minutes for Less Than One Dollar

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    Mentioned Companies: AMZN, FDX, UPS

    This piece has been updated since its original publication. For a detailed explanation of our research assumptions about drone delivery click here. Update: We published this article back in April 2015 relatively shortly after Amazon’s first announcement of Amazon Prime Air. This week we finally received new insights into the drone delivery program. The Seattle-based retailer […]

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    How Can Amazon Charge $1 for Drone Delivery?

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    Since its initial publication, ARK has scrutinized the assumptions and refined the estimates. Even with more conservative figures, ARK finds that Amazon could offer drone delivery for $1 and still turn a profit. Here are the assumptions, broken down into three parts: Part 1: Estimated Volume of Packages Shipped by Prime Air Amazon  is on track to […]

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    The Fast Farming Future – New Age Farming Technology

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    Thanks to advancements in farming technology and data collection, farmers are planting faster and more efficiently than ever before. In 2013, farmers planted 41 million acres of corn in one week, or 43% of the annual US harvest. By comparison, in 1983 they planted a mere 16 million acres, roughly a quarter of total domestic harvest.1 […]