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    The Coronavirus: Innovation Gains Traction During Tumultuous Times

    by | Market Insights Review
    Mentioned Companies: AMZN, CRM

    In response to fast-moving news about the coronavirus crisis and to volatility in the markets, we updated and augmented our original piece dated March 3, 2020. We hope you find this useful. The coronavirus has thrown the markets for a loop, understandably. Half of the solution is understanding the problem, so we are reassured by […]

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    Introduction to ARK’s Big Ideas 2020

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    Join James Wang as he interviews Cathie Wood (CEO and CIO at ARK Invest) on our recently published Big Ideas 2020 report. On this podcast Cathie will share her perspective on some of the biggest breakthroughs ARK believes should not be missed in the coming year. What is ARK’s Big Ideas Report? This annual research […]

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    What are Disruptive Innovation Platforms?

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    For today’s show we welcome Brett Winton, ARK’s Director of Research, to discuss his recent white paper titled Disruptive Innovation – Why Now? The main idea of the paper explores innovation today and how the convergence of five major innovation platforms compares to other innovation periods in our history. Brett details the five technologies that […]

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    Disruptive Innovation: Why Now?

    by | Market Insights White Paper

    Through an extensive research process, we have identified five transformative disruptive innovation platforms that could change the way the world works and become the critical productivity signposts that future historians identify. We believe that historians will look back on this era as one of unprecedented technological foment. They will see critical inflections in artificial intelligence […]

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    Israel Innovation with Yishai Fraenkel

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    On today’s episode, Yishai Fraenkel, Director General and Vice President at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem joins us to give insight into the interesting topic of Israeli innovation. He has nearly 20 years of experience with Intel, where he worked in new technology, with a focus on artificial intelligence and computer vision and has now […]

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    An Exponential View of the Future, With Azeem Azhar

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    On the show today we welcome none other than Azeem Azhar, early stage investor and founder of the Exponential View newsletter and podcast. Azeem is here to talk to us about his own work in covering the latest and most innovative developments in technology as well as comment on the current startup and tech landscape, […]

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    Economics, Trade Relations, And Innovation — Recognizing Investment Potential with Dr. Art Laffer and Cathie Wood

    by | Podcast

    Welcome back to FYI, the For Your Innovation Podcast from ARK Invest. Today on the show we are joined by two special guests. First we have, Catherine Wood CEO and CIO of ARK Invest, as well as a her mentor, former professor, and advisor to ARK Investment Management LLC, Dr. Art Laffer. You might know […]

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    Big Ideas: Technological Breakthroughs Investors Shouldn’t Miss in 2019

    by | Digital Health Industrial

    History is replete with examples of businesses and consumers ignoring or dismissing big ideas, particularly those associated with disruptive innovation. In 1876, for example, when Alexander Graham Bell was granted the official patent for the telephone, many businesses dismissed it as irrelevant or insignificant. Famously, Western Union took a pass on buying the patent.1 Likewise, […]