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    Monsanto: Organic Growth in Digital Soil – Big Data in Agriculture

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    The burgeoning era of digital decision-making and outcome measurement could transform the way that farmers manage their land. More than a third of the land in the United States is agricultural, and farmers have always relied on data to guide their decisions. For example, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is the oldest continuously published periodical in […]

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    Disruptive Innovation: Open Source Synthetic Biology

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    OpenPlant, an open source initiative1 , recently granted £12 million ($20 million) to the University of Cambridge and the John Innes Centre to develop a DNA registry for synthetic biology research focused on plants. OpenPlant treats plant genes and molecular pathways like circuits that can be arranged in various combinations to create entirely new species. […]

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    Agricultural Biotechnology: The First Genomic Industry

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    Can you believe that in 2014, $160 billion worth of corn will be grown on land that theoretically could produce $560 billion? By producing and delivering seeds precisely designed for the square meter of earth in which they will be grown genetic engineering will narrow this gap. As illustrated below, global corn yields are roughly half of what they are in the US alone, and US yields are a bit less than half of what is theoretically possible today.