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    Additive Manufacturing at the Forefront of Innovation, with Peter Leys

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    On today’s episode your host and ARK analyst, Tasha Keeney, sits down with the chairman of Materialise, Peter Leys. Materialise NV (“Materialise”) is a leading 3D printing firm that specializes in software and solutions for 3D printing for the medical and manufacturing space. You might know the company for their Materialise Build Processor, one of […]

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    Big Ideas 2017

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    Rooted in almost 40 years of experience, ARK Invest aims to identify large-scale investment opportunities resulting from technological change. We believe innovation is key to growth. From a broad spectrum of disruptive innovations, Big Ideas represents our annual breakout of technologies that we believe will accelerate significantly in the months ahead. Each section provides you with a brief introduction before illustrating […]

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    Why ARK Created A 3D Printing Index

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    We created the Total 3D Printing Index to track the performance of the 3D printing market as a whole. Watch our 3mins explanation video to better understand the 3D printing opportunity:   3D Printing, or more broadly, additive manufacturing, is the process of building objects layer-by-layer instead of using a mold or removing material from a larger block. This allows […]

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    Competition Within The 3D Printing Industry is Heating Up: Validating Its Market Potential

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    Mentioned Companies: DDD, SSYS

    Over the past year, the 3D printing industry has undergone a dramatic transformation. ARK’s research shows that, while printer manufacturer earnings were hard hit in 2015, the companies have begun to restructure, shifting priorities to industrial applications. More competition has emerged from both traditional inkjet veterans and startups, and the consumer printer market has become […]

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    3D Printing: Innovation Case Studies

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    Mentioned Companies: ADS, AIR, FMC, GE, NKE

    3D printing is still a young industry. Today, the technology is mainly used to make prototypes but has penetrated only a slice of the end-use parts market, which ARK estimates could be an additional $500 billion opportunity.1 Manufacturers who choose not to adopt additive manufacturing and use 3D printed parts may very well be left in the […]

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    3D Printing Market: Analysts Are Underestimating the Future

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    Mentioned Companies: ADSK, DDD, GE, LMT, SSYS, XONE

    UPDATE: This article has been updated as of April 20, 2016 with the most recent 3D printing market data available. The size of the 3D printing market could grow by orders of magnitude in the next decade. Wall Street estimates a three to six fold increase from present reports, and Wohler’s doubled their forecast from 2013 […]

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    Stratasys: A Value Stock in a Growth Industry

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    Mentioned Companies: DDD, HPQ, SSYS, XONE

    UPDATE: This Stratasys article has been updated following the results of the July 30th, 2015 Q2 earnings call. Down 75% from its peak and trading at 60% of book, Stratasys has become a value stock in a growth industry. Clearly, fears of share loss, platform obsolescence, and/or commoditization have discouraged investors. To justify this valuation, however, […]

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    3D Printing: The Path to Cheaper, Faster Drug Approval

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    Mentioned Companies: ADSK, JNJ, ONVO, PFE, RHHBY

    3D Bioprinted tissue may offer a better way of screening drugs before human trials. Pharmaceutical companies could use the tissue for preclinical testing and drug discovery research, enabling faster and lower cost clinical trials. The current preclinical phase of drug development is markedly inefficient. A staggering 94%1 of drugs that pass animal tests fail during human […]

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    Could Hewlett-Packard be a Serious 3D Printing Competitor Next Year?

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    Mentioned Companies: DDD, HPQ, INTC, SSYS, XONE

    At Consumer Electronics Show 2015, Intel exhibited the new Hewlett-Packard Sprout desktop, the first component of HP’s 3D printing ecosystem. During the next two years, it will introduce a 3D printer and a new printing technology called Multi Jet Fusion.1 Should players like Stratasys and 3D Systems  be worried about HP’s new solution entering the 3D printing […]

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    Materialise Knee Guide Saves Time, Money, & Surprises

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    Mentioned Companies: AET, CI, DDD, HNT, ISRG, MTLS, SSYS, UNH, WLP, XONE

    This September, Holy Family General Hospital in Reet, Belgium performed the first total knee replacement surgery using Materialise’s X-ray knee guide solution. The software converts 2D X-ray images into 3D images and printable surgical models for planning surgeries. The knee guide from Materialise eliminates the need for an MRI or CT scan to create a […]