Best of 2019: FYI Podcast with Elon Musk, George Church, and more

Best of 2019: FYI Podcast with Elon Musk, George Church, and more

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As we wrap up 2019, we would like to thank everyone who listened to the FYI — For Your Innovation podcast. We received incredibly positive feedback for our podcast show and had some truly amazing guests in the past year, ranging from world class geneticists to founders and CEOs. In this final episode of 2019, we put together a “greatest hits compilation” of our five most popular episodes.


1. On the Road to Full Autonomy with Elon Musk (EP11)

Elon Musk talks about how his engineering background drives his decision making for Tesla and why he is so confident that Tesla will achieve full autonomy. On this podcast: Elon Musk, Tasha Keeney, Cathie Wood. (Listen to the Full Episode)


2. Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer with Charles Graeber (EP21)

For decades cancer was something that was treated rather than cured. Author of the book The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer, Charles Graeber unpacks the history of immunotherapy, why it remained on the fringes for so long, and why cancer might become a manageable disease. On this podcast: Charles Graeber and James Wang (Listen to the Full Episode)


3. The Genomic Revolution with Prof. Dr. George Church (EP26)

Professor George Church is one of the pioneers of modern genetics. We dive into the stage of genomics, next generation oncology, the security and regulation of genetic information, gene editing, and the increasing speed of the genomic revolution. On this podcast: George Church, Manisha Samy, Simon Barnett, and James Wang. (Listen to the Full Episode)


4. Wright’s Law—Understanding Technology Cost Curves with Brett Winton (EP07)

Brett Winton explains how Wright’s Law makes simple and robust predictions about technology cost declines, and why it’s at the center of ARK’s research. On this podcast: Brett Winton and James Wang (Listen to the Full Episode)


5. Cerebras’ Wafer Scale Engine AI Chip with CEO Andrew Feldman (EP37)

Andrew Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Cerebras, joins us to discuss the Wafer Scale Engine, or WSE, an AI chip that is 50 times larger than the largest chips produced by Nvidia and Intel. On this podcast: Andrew Feldman and James Wang (Listen to the Full Episode)


We will be back in 2020 with new episodes and more exciting topics, because investing in innovation starts with understanding it. Until then, stay innovative!


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