HD Maps for an Autonomous Future with Ro Gupta

HD Maps for an Autonomous Future with Ro Gupta

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We are joined by Ro Gupta, the CEO of Carmera to discuss his contribution to an autonomous future. Carmera is a private company that makes real time HD maps for autonomous driving. We talk about his own history and early interest in transportation before diving into the development of digital maps and the apps that have spearheaded this technology. Ro explains data collection, safety policies, and some of the main challenges today. He also describes differences between the US and international markets, notably China. We discuss different solutions, how to share data across platforms, and how Carmera aims to grow in the future.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The early roots of Ro’s interest and affinity for transportation technologies.
  • Mapping technologies over the years and the shift towards HD maps. 
  • Carmera’s stance towards LIDAR and data collection.  
  • Aiming for the best historical and forward-thinking data set for vehicles.  
  • Safety policy, trust, and verification.  
  • Comparing the US markets to those abroad and the implications of global demand. 
  • The biggest challenges currently facing Carmera and the HD maps market.  
  • Issues with data across formats and platforms and minimizing latency. 
  • Unexpected use cases and future ideas for Carmera
  • ARK’s own findings on the autonomous future and the market opportunities. 



“I think if you’ve ever spent time in developing countries, you don’t take roads for granted, you see just how much of the nervous system they really are for the real world.” — @ro_gupta

“Basically, almost all computer vision that you see being commercialized is deep learning, neural network based, or a lot of it is.” — @ro_gupta

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