Adapting to Fintech, with Nicolas Grous and Max Friedrich

Adapting to Fintech, with Nicolas Grous and Max Friedrich

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On this episode we share highlights from a recent event hosted by ARK Invest called “Adapting to Fintech”. Nicolas Grous, ARK’s Trading and Research Associate and Max Friedrich, ARK’s Fintech Analyst, are presenting clips from the event’s panel discussion and delve further into the topics explored. Adapting to Fintech offered an in-depth analysis into how technology is disrupting capital markets and what it means for business and investing. The panel was moderated by Bob Pisani, “On-Air Stocks” Editor at CNBC, and consisted of subject matter experts across industries, including:

  • Karen Snow– SVP and Head of East Coast Listings and Corporate Services at Nasdaq
  • Laura Morrison– SVP and Global Head of Listings at CBOE Global Markets
  • Dominic Holland– Head of Fixed Income Electronic Markets at BNY Mellon Markets
  • Morgan Dunbar– Partner at Bendigo Partners
  • Cathie Wood– Founder, CEO, CIO at ARK Invest

Nick and Max offer a deep dive into what drives fintech and its development trajectory, the role of data in various sectors, which companies are leveraging data in interesting ways to create new business models, and how fintech innovation shapes up in the public vs. private markets. For an interesting conversation about everything fintech, make sure to tune in.


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • What disruptive technologies are all about
  • The three driving forces behind fintech, according to Max
  • Fintech enables different business models
  • The opportunity of the unbanked
  • The reason mobile payments have exploded in China
  • The role data plays in fintech
  • What InsureTech is and some examples from it
  • Valuations in the private vs. public sector
  • Why Max thinks innovation doesn’t only happen on the private side
  • Why we believe Unicorns are on average overvalued by 50%
  • The most exciting fintech developments


“Someone once said I believe in the future, because that’s where I spend the rest of my life.” — @BobPisani [0:04:24] 

“Fintech today is, where social media was in 2006.” — @mfriedrichARK [0:08:44]

“90% of the world’s data didn’t exist two years ago.” — @Morgan Dunbar [0:26:16]

“In the private markets, there’s too much money, chasing too few opportunities.” — @CathieDWood [0:45:30]

“If we are talking about the products of the future, which are going to be data driven,[…] companies with large scale will have a competitive advantage.” — @ mfriedrichARK [0:46:27]


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