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    The Stem Cell Revolution

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    Discovered nearly thirty years ago in 1988[1], stem cell technology has failed to transform the field of regenerative medicine…until no­­w. After delivering only one treatment during three decades of development, stem cell technology could finally become the all-purpose tool for repairing the body, thanks to rapid and precise genome editing techniques such as CRISPR and […]

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    Alzheimer’s: Solving a Major Unmet Need

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    An Alzheimer’s treatment that converts the neurodegenerative disease from a cruel killer into a tolerable chronic condition could become the best selling drug in history.1 According to ARK’s estimates, the annual revenue associated with an effective Alzheimer’s treatment could approximate to $120 billion USD.2 While many companies have attempted to develop an effective treatment, not one has […]

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    5 Takeaways From Last Week’s Brainstorming

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    This is a blog series based on ARK’s weekly brainstorm between our CEO, Director of Research, thematic analysts, ARK’s theme developers, thought leaders and investors. It is designed to keep you engaged in an ongoing discussion on disrupitve innovation. 1. Tesla Bids To Acquire SolarCity Last week Tesla made a bid to acquire SolarCity. While Tesla is pursuing […]

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    Biosimilars vs Generics: History Does Not Repeat, It Rhymes

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    Healthcare investors likely remember the devastating impact of generic drugs on drug prices in the late 1980s. While traditional firms struggled, many successful biotechnology companies took root during this turbulent period. Focusing on the growing field of biologic medicine, many biotech firms were acquired by pharmaceutical companies looking to lower research and development costs, while […]

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    Spell-Checking the Language of Life: CRISPR Gene Editing In Living Animals

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    Repairing a genetic mutation could eliminate a lifetime of suffering. Until recently, the only option was gene therapy, which many perceive as risky. Recent successes in gene therapy and new advances in gene editing technology may mean doctors and patients will have many options. Researchers have worked for years to devise techniques to surmount the challenges […]

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    An Oasis in the Wasteland: Can In-Silico Drug Discovery Help Save Pharma?

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    Advances in algorithmic science and cloud computing could increase the success rate of drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry, while considerably reducing costs. Given the size of R&D spending in the pharmaceutical industry, and its current low success rate, the positive impact on profits could be dramatic. Over the past ten years the pharmaceutical industry […]