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    3D Printing: Innovation Case Studies

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    3D printing is still a young industry. Today, the technology is mainly used to make prototypes but has penetrated only a slice of the end-use parts market, which ARK estimates could be an additional $500 billion opportunity.1 Manufacturers who choose not to adopt additive manufacturing and use 3D printed parts may very well be left in the […]

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    Adidas Smart Shirts

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    Mentioned Companies: ADS

    Could clothing cut healthcare costs and save lives? Today, most “smart” wearable textiles, or e-textiles, exist only in laboratories, not on production floors. Manufacturing e-textiles has been difficult because the fabric must be washable and safe for skin contact. Adidas’ (ADS) Textronics group has met these challenges, creating fabrics for the first commercially available products, with promising applications for sports and healthcare.