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    Industrial Robot Cost Declines Should Trigger Tipping Points in Demand

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    This piece was originally published on 08.07.17 and updated on 01.16.19. According to ARK’s research, industrial robot1 costs will drop by 50-60%, to levels much lower than most analysts now anticipate, by 2025. Combined with advances in machine learning and computer vision, this drop in costs should cause an inflection point in the demand for […]

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    The Addressable Market for Utility Energy Storage Could Scale to $800 Billion

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    Mentioned Companies: TSLA

    Elon Musk has stated that Tesla’s energy storage business will be as large as its car business in the long-term.1 ARK’s research shows that foregoing planned gas peaker plants and replacing them with utility scale energy storage could generate roughly $10 billion in revenues per year, more than six times Tesla’s $1.5 billion utility energy […]

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    The Model 3 Is Cheaper to Own Than a Toyota Camry

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    The long-range Model 3’s sticker price is $44,500, roughly 85% higher than that of a Toyota Camry; yet, ARK’s research shows that the Model 3 could be the better deal over a three-year period. Early this year, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) published its Best Resale Value Awards for 2019. According to KBB,1 over a three-year […]

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    A Better Understanding of ARK’s Autonomous Taxi Model

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    ARK estimates that, when autonomous taxi platforms proliferate, a ride in an autonomous taxi will cost consumers 26 cents per mile, less than half the cost of a personal car and less than one tenth the cost of a manually driven taxi.1 To illustrate how we arrive at this estimate, we have contributed the open […]

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    Takeaways from Our Recent Podcast with Elon Musk

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    Mentioned Companies: GM, NVDA, TSLA

    On February 13th, we sat down with Elon Musk in Fremont, California for an episode of our FYI – For Your Innovation podcast. We discussed Elon’s estimates for the global electric vehicle (EV) market, Tesla’s autonomous strategy, misperceptions about Tesla’s strategy, and Tesla’s willingness to open its platform to other automakers. Here are some of […]

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    Electric Scooters: The Unit Economics May Spell Trouble

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    Last October, pedestrians, vandals, and perhaps shopkeepers dumped 60 electric scooters into a lake in Oakland, California. While electric scooters and other forms of micromobility have the potential to transform city landscapes and urban transportation, ARK wouldn’t be surprised to see a number of scooter companies go bankrupt first. ARK’s research suggests that dockless electric […]

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    Could Automating Food Services Create Jobs?

    by | Industrial

    While automation often causes fears of unemployment, history shows that robots can and do create jobs. Two relationships help explain how automation can increase employment: productivity gains relative to the price elasticity of demand for goods and services, and the shift from non-paid to commercial activity. Productivity in the food services industry has been relatively […]

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    Big Ideas: Technological Breakthroughs Investors Shouldn’t Miss in 2019

    by | Digital Health Industrial

    History is replete with examples of businesses and consumers ignoring or dismissing big ideas, particularly those associated with disruptive innovation. In 1876, for example, when Alexander Graham Bell was granted the official patent for the telephone, many businesses dismissed it as irrelevant or insignificant. Famously, Western Union took a pass on buying the patent.1 Likewise, […]

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    Autonomous Electric Taxi Fleets Could Spark Electricity Demand

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    Mentioned Companies: GM, GOOG

    Autonomous electric taxis are commercializing faster than most analysts anticipated. Alphabet’s Waymo announced plans to launch its autonomous electric taxi fleets this year, and GM’s Cruise Automation is set to launch in 2019. Waymo driverless cars already are on the road in Phoenix, Arizona. Many forecasts are ignoring the impact that autonomous electric taxi fleets […]

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    Tesla Through the Lens of Apple

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    Mentioned Companies: AAPL, F, GM, GOOG, SSNLF, TCEHY, TSLA, VWAGY

    From 2007 to 2018, Apple’s revenue and market capitalization grew roughly tenfold1—making it the most celebrated technology growth story of the 21st century. Apple’s growth was fueled by the most productive period in the company’s history with the release of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and App Store—each generating sales on par with a Fortune 500 […]

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    Autonomous Delivery Robots Could Lower the Cost of Last Mile Delivery by 20-Fold

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: APRN, HFG.F

    “The primary thing that any technology startup must do is build a product that’s at least 10 times better at doing something than the current prevailing way of doing that thing.”1 – Ben Horowitz How could a cooler on wheels traveling four miles per hour change logistics as we know it today? ARK’s research suggests […]

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    Tesla’s Autonomous Opportunity is Severely Underappreciated

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    Mentioned Companies: BIDU, GM, GOOG, NVDA, TSLA

    ARK believes that analysts may be overlooking Tesla’s largest addressable market – autonomous mobility-as-a-service (MaaS). During its earnings call last week, Tesla introduced its Autopilot team for the first time as speakers during the prepared remarks. Based on the information presented by the Autopilot team on the performance characteristics of its in-house chip, we believe […]

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    Why New Space is an Exciting Opportunity

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: BA, SSNLF, VSAT

    The space industry is set to take off! Listen as ARK Industrial Analyst, Sam Korus, explains:  What used to be a monopolistic and bureaucratic industry is being upended by both rocket and satellite cost declines. Today, there are just over 1,700 active satellites orbiting Earth, but companies already have plans to launch almost 10 […]

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    Baby, You Can Drive My Autonomous Car

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    Mentioned Companies: GM, GOOG

    Both GM and Alphabet are planning to launch autonomous taxi services this year.1 Because autonomous vehicles will not be able to drive without human help 100% of the time, a remote operator will have to assist. Before autonomous taxis commercialize, professionals probably will drive or direct vehicles remotely, especially during emergencies. According to ARK’s research, […]

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    Cobalt Won’t Slow Down EV Adoption

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    Mentioned Companies: GM, TSLA

    In the past two years cobalt prices have more than tripled from roughly $25,000 per metric ton to more than $79,0001 in response to supply constraints anticipated as electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain traction. In 2017, the Congo accounted for 58% of global cobalt production, explaining the fear that geopolitical instability will cause shortages. […]

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    In the Rear-View Mirror, Self-Driving Cars May Be Closer Than They Appear

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: FCAU, GM, GOOG, GOOGL, HMC, TSLA, TTM, VLKAY

    In the analysis that shaped our whitepaper, “Mobility-as-a-Service: Why Self-Driving Cars Could Change Everything,” ARK forecasted first, that commercial autonomous taxis would arrive in 2019 and second, that in the U.S. one out of every thousand miles, or 0.1%, would be driven autonomously by 2020, as shown below. Since that publication, Waymo and GM’s Cruise […]

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    UPDATE: Why Has Waymo Taken So Long to Commercialize Autonomous Taxis?

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: BIDU, GM, GOOG, TSLA

    In November 2017, Waymo announced it was testing autonomous cars in Phoenix, without drivers behind the steering wheels but with safety engineers in the back seats. Next, the company plans to commercialize an autonomous taxi service in Chandler, Arizona. According to data from the California Department of Motor Vehicles,1 Waymo’s autonomous cars are improving rapidly […]

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    Auto Capital Spending Suggests That EV Forecasts Are Much Too Low

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: F, TSLA

    ARK’s research shows that for the past three years, electric vehicle (EV) forecasts have increased significantly, with a consensus forming recently around four million units for 2022. According to ARK’s research, global EV sales will be more than four times higher than expected, or roughly 17 million units. When ARK first forecast 17 million units […]

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    Delivery Drones Could Serve a Large Swath of the US Population

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: AMZN

    Delivery drones are ready to launch, once regulators give them the greenlight. So how many people will these drones be able to serve in the US? Our research suggests that, if the FAA approved them today, Amazon’s drones could transport packages to more than 50 million people in roughly 30 minutes. The battery improvements we […]

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    Air Taxis Are On The Way

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    Mentioned Companies: BA, EADSY, TSLA

    “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters,” said Peter Thiel in 2013.1 Five years later, we have twice as many characters per tweet, but no flying cars. In our view, a vehicle for both the road and the air will never see the light of day. In fewer than five years, however, personal […]