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Stanford’s Raw Data Podcast: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Technology

We were fortunate to be guests on Stanford University’s Raw Data podcast discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the ramifications of blockchain technology. Hosted by Michael Osborne and Leslie Chang, Raw Data investigates how the growing deluge of data, machine learning techniques, and networks are blending together to shape our world.

We were impressed with Michael’s and Leslie’s ability to efficiently edit this podcast, keeping the responses of the many guests compact, while also making sure that the material didn’t become overly dense. For that reason, we think this is one of the best 30-minute podcasts we have heard for the casual listener who wants to learn more about what’s going on with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain technology. No prior knowledge necessary!

Guests on the podcast included:

  • Chris Burniske: Blockchain Products Lead at ARK Invest and author of Cryptoassets
  • Wences Casares: Founder/CEO of Xapo and PayPalPYPL Board Member
  • Nathaniel Popper: Reporter at the New York Times and author of Digital Gold
  • Alex Tapscott: Co-author of Blockchain Revolution

In the episode we covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • The specifics of how Bitcoin works
  • How Bitcoin fits in the historical evolution of money
  • Takeaways from the SEC’s rejection of the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF
  • Adoption metrics for Bitcoin
  • How Ethereum differs from Bitcoin
  • The capabilities of smart contracts
  • What to make of Ethereum’s DAOsaster
  • The future of blockchain trust protocols

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