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    How Should We Be Thinking About Netflix & Original Content?

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    Video streaming has changed viewing habits and now is impacting the monetization and valuation of content. Following in the footsteps of broadband and cable, video streaming services are disrupting at-home entertainment. Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and other streaming companies are producing original content financed by monthly subscription fees instead of ticket sales, advertising, and other more […]

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    The Smart Speaker Conundrum (Part II)

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    As discussed in Part I, smart speakers have not attracted significant developer interest and, therefore, lack a robust app store. Assuming an app store for smart speakers never were to take off, we wonder if a few smart speaker apps would be able to sustain the market. In Part II of The Smart Speaker Conundrum, […]

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    The Smart Speaker Conundrum (Part I)

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    Mentioned Companies: AAPL, AMZN, GOOG

    ARK’s research suggests that more than 50% of US households will have at least one smart speaker by this time next year.1 In other words, the adoption of smart speakers is happening at a record rate, with only 3 years between early adoption and mainstream adoption, as shown below. With such early success, many forecasters […]

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    Auto Insurers Should Fear: Autonomous Driving Networks Are Near!

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    During the next five to ten years, as riders may increasingly choose to travel on autonomous taxi networks, the auto insurance industry – a $220 billion market – will face the biggest threat in its history, a collapse in the number of drivers and accidents. ARK’s research on Mobility-as-a-Service suggests that roughly 57% of all automotive […]