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    Understanding DNA, the Human Genome, and the Rise of CRISPR

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    In fewer than five years, Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, or CRISPR genome-editing technology, has taken the scientific community by storm, not only revolutionizing the pace of biological breakthroughs but also promising medicines that cure diseases now considered incurable. Please enjoy a primer to assist in understanding DNA, the human genome, and the rise of […]

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    Gene Therapy Invites Competition

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    The debate over drug pricing has intensified significantly after the recent approval of two CAR-T therapies, Kymriah and Yescarta. CAR-T is a type of gene therapy that harnesses a patient’s immune system to attack and kill cancer cells, providing a potential cure for metastatic cancer. Kymriah was the first CAR-T approved, for pediatric acute lymphoblastic […]

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    Gene-Editing Could Modify and Cure Disease: CRISPR vs. TALENs

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    Genome-Editing During the past decade, technology breakthroughs enabling the modification of complex genomes have changed the primary goal of research in biotechnology and synthetic biology: now research is focused not on “treatment” of diseases but on its modification and cure.  The ability to directly edit living cells has brought gene therapy and precision medicine into […]

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    The Stem Cell Revolution

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    Discovered nearly thirty years ago in 1988[1], stem cell technology has failed to transform the field of regenerative medicine…until no­­w. After delivering only one treatment during three decades of development, stem cell technology could finally become the all-purpose tool for repairing the body, thanks to rapid and precise genome editing techniques such as CRISPR and […]

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    Alzheimer’s: Solving a Major Unmet Need

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    An Alzheimer’s treatment that converts the neurodegenerative disease from a cruel killer into a tolerable chronic condition could become the best selling drug in history.1 According to ARK’s estimates, the annual revenue associated with an effective Alzheimer’s treatment could approximate to $120 billion USD.2 While many companies have attempted to develop an effective treatment, not one has […]

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    The CRISPR Gene Editing Approach to Treating and Curing Diseases

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    The Promise DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is the “source code” of life, and now we can edit and correct that code efficiently and cost-effectively should there be a disease-causing error. In other words, CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats)[1] gene editing could save millions of lives and cure thousands of genetic disorders, if it is to […]

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    Companion Diagnostics (CDx): More Drugs At A Fraction Of The Cost

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    Prime Time for Companion Diagnostics We think the drug approval process remains convoluted, costly, and time-consuming, but it is about to change. The increased adoption of Companion Diagnostics (CDx)—tests that identify the most suitable patients for a particular treatment—holds much promise. ARK expects that CDx will improve patient outcomes demonstrably, reduce research and development spending […]

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    Will Cerus INTERCEPT Prevent the Transmission of the Zika Virus?

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    Amid a global epidemic, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued new guidelines for blood banks to prevent the contamination and transmission of the Zika virus. While whole blood donations are banned in Zika-endemic parts of the world, Cerus INTERCEPT would enable the safe collection and transfusion of plasma and platelets. Two years after […]