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    Automation: Growing the Economy and Creating Jobs

    by | Industrial

    Today, the Third Industrial Revolution is upon us, cutting across sectors to weave robots and adaptive algorithms into the fabric of our lives. Advancements in sensors, mechanical systems, wireless communication, computing, cameras, and other technologies have enabled advanced robotics and automation systems. Autonomous vehicles may be just around the corner. Robots can vacuum floors, write […]

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    Tesla’s Battery Pack System Will Almost Double its Range

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: TSLA

    The cost of Tesla’s  battery pack system is poised to decline rapidly, allowing the range of a Model S equivalent vehicle to hit 430 miles by 2019. As lithium-ion battery costs continue to decline, electric vehicles will drop in price and/or become more powerful. ARK estimates suggest Tesla paid an average of $400 per kWh […]

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    Machine Vision Gives Robots a New Outlook on Life

    by | Industrial

    At Amazon, more than 15,000 Kiva robots work alongside employees on distribution center floors. At Lowe’s, robots guide customers to desired products. But why is the surge in robots taking place now? Key among the reasons is robots’ improved ability to sense and navigate through unfamiliar and changing environments. Particularly noteworthy are advances in machine vision […]

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    Retail Robots: “How May We Help You?”

    by | Industrial

    Lowe’s recently announced that robots will help customers locate merchandise in select stores. Retail robots reduce costs and improve the efficiency of customer service by performing menial sales tasks, freeing employees to assist customers with higher value interactions. To avoid paying employee salaries and benefits over the life of a retail sales robot, a company […]

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    Tesla’s Residential Energy Storage: Uneconomic and Premature

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: ENOC

    In April, Tesla announced its Powerwall, an energy-system for homes and offices. Barring a change in business model, however, residential energy storage is unlikely to contribute meaningfully to Tesla’s revenue. Theoretically, if deployed at scale, Tesla’s Powerwall could save the US economy $26 billion annually. Charging at night and distributing power during the day, the […]

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    UPDATE: Mirai vs. Tesla: Toyota’s Challenge with Fuel Cells

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: F, GM, NSANY, TM, TSLA

    UPDATE November 18, 2014: This post has been updated by ARK Thematic Analyst David Conway from its original form published on September 2, 2014 by ARK Thematic Analyst Intern Andrew Margrave. When the new Toyota  Mirai goes on sale in 2015, those who have access to a hydrogen fueling station will be able to purchase […]

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    Tesla Battery System Costs Will Drop 40% by 2020

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: GM, NSANY, PCRFY, TSLA

    Tesla claims that the economies of scale associated with its Gigafactory will drive the cost of lithium-ion tesla battery pack systems down more than 30% by 2017. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the decline extends well beyond the battery itself: the breakthroughs will be in the system costs of the battery pack. Battery prices have been […]

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    Automation Will Create Jobs in the Robotics Industry

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: ADEP, IRBT, ISRG

    According to a recent Oxford University study, automation will eliminate more than eight million American jobs by 2025. Astoundingly, during the next decade through 2035, the number of displaced workers will rise more than nine-fold to approximately 75 million.1 For perspective, the current civilian US labor force is 156 million. While robots will take jobs, […]

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    History Teaches Us the Workforce Will Adapt to Automation

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: AHEXY, CRM, CSOD, DV, LNKD, MAN, RHI, WDAY

    Automation improves productivity which, in the short-term, can hurt employment. Rapid changes in technology are beginning to impact every sector of the economy. Longer run, and counter-intuitively, automation should lead to a meaningful increase in employment, as opposed to the mass unemployment depicted in popular press. History offers reason for optimism for the U.S. workforce. Here […]

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    Tesla Model S @ $80,000: What a Deal!

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: BMW, GM, NSANY, TSLA

    Tesla’s Model S stands out among electric vehicles (EVs)… and, not just for looks! Of the top ten selling EVs in the United States, the Model S has the most powerful battery – 85 kWh. As shown in the chart below, in performance comparisons all other EV batteries are one-third its size, at the most.1 Why […]

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    Google’s Internet: Out of This World

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: GOOG

    Google’s latest plan to expand Internet coverage is out of this world ­– literally. It plans to spend between $1 and $3 billion in total to buy and launch 180 satellites that will provide the Internet to undeserved regions of the world. The tech giant hopes to increase both its user base and its revenue by […]

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    Artificially Intelligent Psychologists

    by | Health
    Mentioned Companies: AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, NUAN

    Many people are more comfortable talking to robot psychologists than to humans. A recent study measured how well patients interacted with an artificially intelligent psychologist named Ellie. Some participants were told that humans controlled the avatar with which they were interacting, while others believed the avatars were independent of human control. Interestingly, study participants were less […]

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    EV Market: Tesla Has Lots of Room to Run

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: TSLA

    Today Tesla’s  electric vehicles (EV) barely register as a percent of the luxury car market, let alone the overall car market. Because growth in the EV market has barely begun, Tesla has lots of room to run, especially if it increases market share. We predict that the EV market will grow rapidly as technological advances […]

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    Electric Bus Sales Could Soar

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: BYDDF, TSLA

    While electric cars seem to be generating quite a bit of excitement these days, investors may be surprised to learn that the transition to electric buses is happening even faster. Estimates call for plug-in hybrid and electric (H&E) bus sales to be more than 42,000 by 2020, achieving 15.4% market penetration, much higher than the […]

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    Robots Ask: Where’s the Beef?

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: BKW, CMG, MCD, WEN

    Next Generation Robots that automate the hamburger-making process could provide restaurants with speed, customization, and flexibility while saving them money. The food should taste better too! Restaurants are constantly trying to improve the speed and flexibility of order taking and delivery, which is a robot’s core competency. A Momentum Machines robot, for example, can prepare […]

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    Automation of Global Agriculture Will Yield Significant Growth

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: DE, MON, TRMB

    Over the past few years, investors have been concerned about the outlook for the Indian and Chinese economies. The agricultural sector, however, would suggest that productivity gains could contribute significantly to their health and wealth. Technology and automation has powered efficiencies in the agricultural sector for centuries. The cotton gin, the plow, and the tractor […]

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    Robots Will Save Manufacturing Billions

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: KUKA

    In the near future, factories will replace more human workers with robots. The switch makes economic sense and from a cost perspective will be a boon to manufacturing. Replacing factory workers with industrial robots will save manufacturers money over the long-term in the United States, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, and even China. The initial cost […]

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    Robots Could Save the Agriculture Sector Billions

    by | Industrial

    Automation has revolutionized the agricultural industry for centuries thanks to advancements such as the plow, tractor, GPS-controlled combine,  prescriptive planting technology, and now robots. As a result, yields have continued to improve while employment in the sector has declined dramatically. Over the years, many people have worried that the plow would replace their jobs in […]

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    As the Cost of College Rises, Online Education Becomes a Promising Alternative

    by | Digital
    Mentioned Companies: DV, MAN, RHI

    Classes, adventures, friendships… and debt. College experiences are universal but prices have increased significantly over the past forty years. As seen below, by 2013 a private college cost $40,917 per year, 2.5 times as much as it did in 1974. Can online education become a promising alternative? From 1973 to 2013, annual median household income remained […]

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    Nurse Assistant Robots Offer a Win-Win for the Health Care System

    by | Industrial
    Mentioned Companies: 8C4

    In the near future, nurse assistant robots may be required to help take care of the elderly.  Japan is a microcosm of trends that are going to impact most countries during the next 25 years. In Japan more than a third of the population will be senior citizens by 2025, up from just 12% in […]