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    Tesla’s Potential Trajectory During the Next Five Years

    by | Industrial
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    In August 2018, ARK published an open letter with an extract of our TSLA valuation model communicating why we believed taking Tesla private at $420 per share would deprive shareholders of significant returns. Since then ARK has updated its TSLA valuation regularly. Based on new research, we are sharing our latest model to clarify what […]

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    Disruptive Innovation: Why Now?

    by | Market Insights White Paper

    Through an extensive research process, we have identified five transformative disruptive innovation platforms that could change the way the world works and become the critical productivity signposts that future historians identify. We believe that historians will look back on this era as one of unprecedented technological foment. They will see critical inflections in artificial intelligence […]

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    Moore’s Law Isn’t Dead: It’s Wrong – Long Live Wright’s Law

    by | Market Insights

    Yes, the most famous technology forecast of all time—Gordon Moore’s prediction that the number of transistors on a chip would double every two years—confuses why and how technology costs decline. It focuses on the wrong variable: time. When he wrote “every two years” in forecasting the doubling of transistor density and consequent halving of computation […]

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    Bubbles and Bowling: How to Identify a Transformative Technology and Avoid the Automatic Pinsetter

    by | Market Insights

    June of this year marked an important milestone: capital raised to fund the decentralized web—now $20 billion1—finally surpassed the $16 billion inflation-adjusted dollars raised during the bowling bubble of the late 1950s.2 Yes, Wall Street was very, very excited by bowling. Brunswick Corporation, a bowling equipment manufacturing company, rallied almost 1,600% in four years as […]