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    Caveat Emptor — Beware of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

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    The Human Genome Project in 2003 inspired the dream of precision medicine and turned DNA into mainstream conversation. It also gave rise to next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS), one of the most transformative technology platforms in history. Despite the growing clinical utility of sequencing, most people still associate genetic analysis more with ancestry services than with […]

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    How Liquid Biopsies Will Become a Standard in Recurrence Monitoring

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    Conventional guidelines for monitoring the recurrence of cancer involve routine physical exams and medical imaging. Recurrent tumors often are aggressive, especially if they appear in locations different from those in the original diagnoses. Yet, while PET and CT scans can surface important information about existing tumors, they rarely detect emerging tumors which, with time, can […]

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    Liquid Biopsies to Detect Cancer Could Boost Annual Sequencing Volume By 40-Fold

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    Next-generation DNA sequencing (“NGS”) is creating a new wave of diagnostic tests for cancer. The level of detail offered by NGS tools is helping researchers make important connections between the biology of tumors and the successful treatment of cancer. Cancer is a dynamic and elusive disease. Its genetic profile mutates over time, sometimes in response […]