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Year End Q&A with Cathie Wood

Year End Q&A with Cathie Wood
By: Catherine Wood
Year End Q&A with Cathie Wood

Year End Q&A with Cathie Wood

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On this episode of the For Your Innovation podcast, we feature a special year-end episode of “In the Know” with ARK CEO/CIO, Cathie Wood. In the episode she answers investor questions ranging in topics including general market conditions, inflation, deflation, corporate earnings, interest rates, disruptive innovation, ARK’s investment process, supply-chain, and the outlook for 2023. As always, she discusses fiscal policy, monetary policy, market signals, economic indicators, and innovation.

Specific questions Cathie addresses during the episode:

  1. Please share your thoughts on the 2022 market.
  2. What is your market outlook for 2023 including the impact of innovation?
  3. Given ARK’s strategies have fallen >70% from their peak in February 2021, why don’t you turn defensive as most managers would do?
  4. You have been buying more Tesla and other stocks during the downturn. However, the stocks that you have increased your purchases have fallen further, and the overall decline in performance has accelerated. With interest rates and prices fluctuating so widely, will an investment focus on innovation work?
  5. Investors appear hesitant to invest now for long-term growth, given the supply chain disruptions and the expected economic downturn due to rising interest rates. Why do you believe that now is a once-in-a-century investment opportunity?

To watch the video version of In The Know, click here.

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