The Capital Market Space within FinTech

The Capital Market Space within FinTech
By: Maximilian Friedrich
The Capital Market Space within FinTech

The Capital Market Space within FinTech

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This week on For Your Innovation, we are talking to Morgan Dunbar, partner at Bendigo Partners, a firm that specializes in the global financial technology industry as both a principal investor and operational advisor. In addition to that, Morgan is managing partner at AIR Summit, a network and conference targeted at the capital market industry and, in particular, capital market startups. In the podcast, we are going to discuss the capital market space within FinTech, an area that is often overlooked amongst the hype you see around consumer FinTech startups and large venture rounds.

Key Points from This Episode:

  • More about Bendigo Partners and their two main concerns of investing and advising
  • What the term “alpha tech” refers to and how it differentiates them from the rest of FinTech
  • AIR Summit’s focus on capital markets, and specifically front office
  • The growing media coverage on consumer FinTech rather than B2B capital markets
  • How personal investing and the capital market are related
  • The positive response from the industry to capital market startups
  • Why companies are occupied with big data and how AI is being used to solve problems
  • The competition for talent and why it is important to create the right culture
  • Time as one of the biggest challenges for emerging technology companies
  • General problems that the buy and sell side of the industry experience
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