Ultra-Long-Range Genomic Information with Ivan Liachko

Ultra-Long-Range Genomic Information with Ivan Liachko
By: Simon Barnett
Ultra-Long-Range Genomic Information with Ivan Liachko

Ultra-Long-Range Genomic Information with Ivan Liachko

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The fields of genetics and genomics have been a cornerstone of our interest at ARK, and subjects we have explored in the past on the For You Innovation podcast. Today, analyst Simon Barnett dives a little deeper into this world, as we host Ivan Liachko, the CEO and Co-Founder of Phase Genomics, to talk about the company and the amazing technological strides that are being made. Phase Genomics is a private company with a portfolio of laboratory and computational services and products. Ivan explains a little about ultra-long-range sequencing technology, and how this is enabling Phase to assemble chromosomes in ways that were previously impossible. He also unpacks the idea of looking at the field through the lens of capturing information, and how each advancement allows us to more accurately capture useful information for certain applications. We discuss the tools that the company has been focused on developing, how these can shine a light on the mysteries of the human microbiome, and the practical applications of these innovations for healthcare and beyond. Ivan talks about how his work relates to cancer and the broader study of viruses, and the hope this is instilling for future cures and prevention!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Looking back at Phase Genomics in 2018 and the work they did on the Puerto Rican genome.
  • The basics of ultra long-range sequencing technology and how it is changing the genome field.
  • Ivan’s jigsaw analogy for conceptualizing how this new technology operates.
  • Broadening the conversation and applying the technology to more practical problems.
  • How Phase Genomics is changing the way oncology samples are being read.
  • The value of fresh frozen plasma samples and why this is only now being able to be realized.
  • Making use of older studies and samples with new technology.
  • The tricky role and responsibility of scientists to share only the desired information.
  • More visualizations of how cross-linking in this technology works.
  • The complexity of the microbial world and the importance of understanding it for healthcare.
  • How the valuable information that can now be captured affects the way we can deal with viruses.
  • The huge variance that is present in human microbiomes and the problems this has posed in creating a baseline.
  • Ivan’s hopes for development and achievements in the oncological and microbial genetics spaces.
  • Where to learn more about what Phase Genomics is busy with currently!
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