Life Science Product Development and Personalized Medicine with SC Moatti

Life Science Product Development and Personalized Medicine with SC Moatti
By: Simon Barnett
Life Science Product Development and Personalized Medicine with SC Moatti

Life Science Product Development and Personalized Medicine with SC Moatti

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Product development is commonly spoken about in relation to software and hardware but less so in the life sciences space. With the increasing consumerization of healthcare and wellness products, it is more important than ever for life science innovators to understand how they can create standout products. SC Moatti joins us today to share her unique insights on this and more. SC is the Founder of Products That Count, one of the largest global networks of product managers spanning across numerous industries, including healthcare. She is also the Managing Partner at Mighty Capital, a VC firm that invests slightly smaller checks but provides a very high level of hands-on guidance and product development experience and assistance. In this episode, we discuss her motivation for starting Products That Count and how it organically led to Mighty Capital’s founding. We then talk about the importance of product development and management in the life sciences and regulated industries. As technology becomes more embedded into our lives and acts as an extension of who we are, SC highlights how the mind-body-spirit connection paradigm can be used to view the products we utilize. Our conversation also touches on Mighty Capital’s unique position as a VC firm with their value rather than capital-driven approach, SC’s interest in personalized medicine, and the challenges that come with life science innovation, given the incredibly high stakes. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The impetus for founding Products That Count
  • Why SC classifies Mighty Capital as a ‘new kind of venture capital firm’.
  • Mighty Capital’s investment focus and how they seek to add the most value.
  • The common thread among successful product management
  • Using the mind-body-spirit connection to understand what makes a good product.
  • The unique perspective Mighty Capital brings to product management in regulated industries.
  • What sparked SC’s interest in personalized medicine.
  • Where SC believes the biggest opportunities in the personalized medicine lie.
  • The complications of innovating in the bioscience space.
  • Layers of individual, company, and government risk that exist in healthcare.
  • The weaknesses and strengths of US healthcare infrastructure.
  • How the pandemic could reshape the way people think about risk.
  • Ways we can quantifying success in a more personalized healthcare system.
  • How people think about their health life science product design.
  • The best way to get connected with SC and the resources Products That Count offer.
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