Financing Space with Chris Quilty and Caleb Henry

Financing Space with Chris Quilty and Caleb Henry
By: Sam Korus
Financing Space with Chris Quilty and Caleb Henry

Financing Space with Chris Quilty and Caleb Henry

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Joining us on For Your Innovation today, are Chris Quilty and Caleb Henry. Chris is the Founder and Partner of Quilty Analytics, a privately held, integrated financial research, investment banking and strategic advisory boutique exclusively serving the satellite and space industry. Caleb is Quilty Analytics Senior Analyst. In this episode, we discuss the developments of the space industry from its shift towards commercial revenue to its efforts towards reusability. We delve into the hybrid architecture that is proving to be the most successful, in terms of satellites, and speculate the causes for launch delays and budget overshoots. Our guests fill us in on the various contributors to the verticalization of the industry and summarize and contextualize the current constellation projects that are in motion. Tune in to find out what the SPAC boom means for the space industry and what exciting developments we have to look forward to!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What Quilty Analytics is and what led Chris Quilty to found the company.
  • Quilty Analytics’ Senior Analyst, Caleb Henry shares his professional background.
  • The evolution of the space industry and what has changed.
  • The space industry’s shift from government revenue towards commercial revenue.
  • The efforts towards reusability in the space industry.
  • The benefits of hybrid satellite architecture, using LEOs, GEOs, MEOs, and HEOs.
  • What generally causes the budget overshoots and delays of constellation launches.
  • Contributors to the verticalization of the industry.
  • The viability of the five constellations currently going forward.
  • The motivations behind each constellation.
  • Why venture capital investors are investing in the space industry.
  • The significance of 2021’s SPAC boom, given the history of space funding.
  • The myriad of space industry developments Caleb is excited about!
  • How decreasing launch costs will accelerate progress in the industry.
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