Exploring Big Green DAO with Kimbal Musk

Exploring Big Green DAO with Kimbal Musk
By: Frank Downing, Yassine Elmandjra
Exploring Big Green DAO with Kimbal Musk

Exploring Big Green DAO with Kimbal Musk

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In this episode of For Your Innovation, we sit down with multi-hyphenate Kimbal Musk to talk about food justice, Big Green, and its latest branch, Big Green Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Billed as the first non-profit-led philanthropic DAO, this experiment is aiming to use the power of decentralization and automation to impact lives on the most basic level. Kimbal shares a little about why this work has him so excited and feels like the natural progression of the efforts he has been making in the past years, before we dive into the ethos behind Big Green, and how they are tackling the constant challenges that are associated with this kind of philanthropy. Our guest also unpacks the intricacies of fundraising, the impacts of the pandemic, and what transparent growth means to him. We get to look ahead to the future vision of the project, and Kimbal talks about the cyclical nature of growth seasons in all industries and how this compares to the projects for decentralized technology.

Key Points From This Episode

  • The current work and projects that are getting Kimbal most excited.
  • The three ways that Big Green approaches trying to change lives through growing food.
  • Kimbal’s reflections on the challenges facing philanthropic work.
  • How Big Green DAO aims to tackle some of the fundraising issues.
  • The pivots and shifts that Big Green made in response to the conditions of the pandemic.
  • The transparent growth of Big Green DAO and how automation makes vetting easier.
  • Confronting concerns around the ability of donors to vote.
  • Kimbal shares his aspirations for Big Green DAO in the near future.
  • The evolution of Kimbal’s crypto philosophy and the cycles of bubbles.
  • Early attitudes towards Big Green DAO, and the usefulness of branding it an ‘experiment.’
  • Where to learn more and get involved with this great project!
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