Big Ideas 2021

fyi podcast, big ideas, cathie wood, brett winton, ark podcast
By: Brett Winton
fyi podcast, big ideas, cathie wood, brett winton, ark podcast

Big Ideas 2021

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We are getting closer and closer to the time when watching Netflix in the back of an autonomous taxi and detecting early cancer in our blood could become reality. The pace at which technological advancements have been occurring, and are expected to continue to occur, is phenomenal. ARK believes, one of the main reasons for this is that five major technology platforms and their underlying technologies are converging. Another reason is that costs are collapsing, which is unlocking creativity and driving scalability. This episode focuses on these technologies and the changes they are catalyzing.

Cathie Wood and Brett Winton break down our latest Big Ideas Report and discuss which companies are likely to thrive in the coming years (and why). They highlight some of the areas where ARK believes jobs are going to be lost and where jobs are going to be created in the future. We all should be prepared for this technologically enabled change—Brett and Cathie aim to provide some guidance, so tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The speed at which new technologies are being developed.
  • Cathie explains the bubbles and busts that have been experienced in the tech and telecom fields.
  • How deep learning has advanced over the past few years.
  • What DeepMind’s new venture, Alphafold, is achieving in the field of genomics.
  • The impact of cost declines across technologies.
  • Why companies are likely to pay high prices to train AI models.
  • The autonomous taxi space and expectations about the direction it is heading.
  • Why the rate of uptake in automation throughout the economy in the next five years could be faster than in the manufacturing sector in the past 25.
  • Predictions about how the job market is going to look in the future.
  • Why developments in orbital aerospace are now taking off and what those developments are likely to offer us.
  • The areas that are lifting 3D printing out from the “valley of despair.”
  • What the next few years could look like for dna sequencing and liquid biopsies.
  • Price thresholds and their ability to unlock potential and drive scalability.
  • A brief mention of the growth of Bitcoin.
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