Best of 2020 — FYI Podcast Compilation

fyi podcast, ark invest, ark podcast, 2020
By: Tasha Keeney, CFA
fyi podcast, ark invest, ark podcast, 2020

Best of 2020 — FYI Podcast Compilation

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As the year comes to an end, we would like to thank everyone who listened to the FYI — For Your Innovation podcast. 2020 will likely go down in history as the year of COVID-19, a year that forced us to battle a global pandemic and all the uncertainty that comes with it. In this final episode of 2020, we complied some of our most interesting podcast episodes for you. Please enjoy this summary and tune back in when we return in 2021.


1. Battery Supply Chain for Electric Vehicles with Simon Moores and Vivas Kumar (EP 72)

We have Simon Moores and Vivas Kumar from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence here to discuss the often under-appreciated topic of battery supply chain and look at the present and future of the electric car battery industry. (Listen to the Full Episode)


2. The Digital Economy with Gary Vaynerchuk (EP 82)

ARK sat down with Gary Vaynerchuk to talk about the future of the digital economy. Gary is a serial entrepreneur, five-times New York Times bestselling author, Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports. (Listen to the Full Episode)


3. Be Creative. Together. With Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jared Geller (EP 65)

We enjoyed the conversation with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jared Geller. They joined FYI to speak about their platform, HitRecord, an online community built around creative collaboration. HitRecord offers artists of all kinds a platform to share their artwork or idea, and open it up to the input of other artists, thereby producing a trail that records the work’s progression much like GitHub does with code. (Listen to the Full Episode)


4. The State of Genetic Testing in The US with Rob Metcalf (EP 79)

In episode 79 we were joined by Rob Metcalf, CEO of Concert Genetics, a private company looking to connect the genetic health information network and simplify the often-murky world of genetic testing. We heart about Rob’s entry into healthcare and his interest in the intersection of tech and real world problem-solving. (Listen to the Full Episode)


5. Supersonic Travel with Blake Scholl, CEO of Boom Supersonic (EP 66)

Blake Scholl, the CEO of Boom Supersonic, joined the FYI podcast to give us insights into the ambitions for supersonic travel. Boom aims to build the world’s fastest civil aircraft, twice as fast commercial flights. (Listen to the Full Episode)

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