The State of Genetic Testing in The US with Rob Metcalf

Rob Metcalf, Concert Genetics, genetic testing, ark podcast, ark invest, FYI, FYI podcast
By: Simon Barnett
Rob Metcalf, Concert Genetics, genetic testing, ark podcast, ark invest, FYI, FYI podcast

The State of Genetic Testing in The US with Rob Metcalf

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DNA sequencing, which is the foundational technological enabler of things like precision medi-cine and genetic testing has seen one of the most staggering cost decline curves in history. With the genetic testing landscape evolving so rapidly, stakeholders are struggling to keep up with developments.

Today’s guest is Rob Metcalf, CEO of Concert Genetics, a private company looking to connect the genetic health information network and simplify the often-murky world of genetic testing. In this episode, we hear about Rob’s entry into healthcare and his interest in the intersection of tech and real world problem-solving. Realizing there is potential not only for innovation but also for business growth, Concert—with Rob at the helm—has done exciting work to enable practical solutions. Rob does not sugarcoat the complexity and the strides that still have to be made, so we hear about some of the obstacles in healthcare currently. Through a practical example, we gain insights into the complexity of the moving parts of genetic testing. The conversation also touches on direct customer payments and the exciting way this drives costs down. Of course, it is only one aspect of increased affordability, as Rob highlights, but it is an area where great shifts are happening. Along with this, we also unpack the way that COVID is likely to bring about change and the importance of understanding the economic significance of genetic testing developments and innovation. Do not miss out on this incredible, timely discussion.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The Human Genome Project and the progress in DNA mapping progression since.
  • Some of the barriers of translating genomes into clinical practice.
  • Rob’s background in machine learning and his transition into the healthcare space.
  • The age of personalized medicine.
  • Unpacking the major pain points in the healthcare space and the moving parts.
  • The complexity that comes with getting paid by an insurer in this space.
  • How direct cash payments from patients changes the dynamics of pricing.
  • Why the oncology space is not likely to be shifted by patient payment.
  • The exciting developments in the earlier stages of cancer diagnostics.
  • The outcomes of testing developments are as much economic and health.
  • How COVID and heightened awareness is likely to impact testing and diagnostics.
  • The digitization of healthcare and some of the opportunities it holds.
  • Data struggles are already happening now because of infrastructure constraints.
  • Personalized health is a multi-stakeholder problem, which makes it so complex.
  • Topics at the Genetic Health Information Network Summit.
  • Concert’s approach to finding solutions for practical problems.
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