Enabling the Metaverse Revolution with Improbable CEO Herman Narula

Enabling the Metaverse Revolution with Improbable CEO Herman Narula
By: Frank Downing
Enabling the Metaverse Revolution with Improbable CEO Herman Narula

Enabling the Metaverse Revolution with Improbable CEO Herman Narula

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As improbable as it may seem, the metaverse is well under construction, but not in the way it’s been communicated to us in the mainstream. Joining us today to reconstruct all we know about the metaverse and its potential is Herman Narula, the co-founder and CEO of the privately owned metaverse technology company, Improbable. Improbable isn’t necessarily taking a different approach, they’re trying to solve a completely different problem. In this episode, we hear how their aim and approach differ from those of other game developers and the relationship the company has with the traditional gaming sector. Herman describes both the business and discovery model of Improbable’s M2 platform and the extent to which interoperability could be possible. We delve into blockchains and their role in the metaverse, which should fair best in the realm, and how M2 interacts with blockchains. Furthermore, Improbable has partnered with Yuga Labs: “The NFT Company Taking Over the World,” and Herman describes the intention behind it and what the partnership involves, before breaking down how he defines and views NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Tune in to hear Herman’s thoughts on augmented and virtual reality, why he believes presence is more important than immersion, and discover how Improbable is making value transfer possible!

Key Points Form This Episode

  • Herman Narula gives an overview of his metaverse tech company, Improbable.
  • How Improbable interacts with game engines but exceeds their usual capabilities.
  • How Improbable’s aim and approach differ from that of other game developers.
  • The convergence of technologies required to solve the gaming problem identified by Improbable.
  • The flexibility and complexity of the platform and the resulting challenges.
  • Why Herman has chosen to make everything as modular as possible for users.
  • The relationship Improbable has with the traditional gaming sector.
  • The industries that are most interested in what the company has to offer.
  • Herman defines the metaverse and explains how the term is being mishandled in the mainstream.
  • The benefit of the metaverse and how it differs from a video game.
  • The benefits of blockchain technology and its role in facilitating value transfer in the metaverse.
  • Improbable’s partnership with Yuga Labs in the NFT space.
  • The predicted time-horizon for the full-functioning of the metaverse.
  • How interoperability works in the M2 context and how Improbable has created a common technical basis between worlds.
  • The biggest hurdles Improbable is currently facing.
  • The business model of the platform and how it differs from existing online platforms.
  • Why Herman prefers to use a link-based discovery model.
  • How the M2 network will operate and how it interacts with blockchains.
  • Herman predicts which blockchains will be most successful in the metaverse.
  • How Herman defines NFTs
  • What makes the M2 platform so appealing, without the need for a network effect.
  • Why Herman considers Improbable and M2 to be powerful in the metaverse space.
  • AR and VR, and the difference between presence and immersion.
  • What Herman’s book, Virtual Reality, covers.
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