Amazon AWS – The Everything Store for Enterprise Computing?

James Wang, ARK, Remote Work
by James Wang, Analyst
Amazon AWS – The Everything Store for Enterprise Computing?
Amazon AWS – The Everything Store for Enterprise Computing?

Amazon AWS – The Everything Store for Enterprise Computing?

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Welcome back to a new episode of FYI, For Your Innovation Podcast, a podcast exclusively focused on disruptive innovation. Today on the show Yassine Elmandjra will be co-hosting the podcast with James Wang. We will be diving into the recent announcements at the AWS re:Invent Conference and what it means for the cloud computing space as a whole. Just how Amazon is the everything store for consumers, it seems like Amazon Web Services (AWS) is really the everything store for business and enterprise computing. Inside this episode we explore how Amazon has been able to take over an increasing amount of verticals, their shift into the enterprise software space, and how they are strategically eliminating the competitive edge of other companies with each new product release. We also dig into the importance of owning the customer relationship and why that has given Amazon a much greater insight into the consumer market on all fronts. For an incredible conversation on Amazon’s disruptive innovation, stay tuned in to today’s episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The increasing number of verticals covered by AWS
  • Amazon’s transition from the consumer stack to the business stack
  • Overview of the AWS Outposts feature: on premise cloud solution
  • Why on premise cloud has taken over at least half of the cloud market
  • How AWS Outposts differs from existing hybrid cloud solutions
  • Amazon’s own server chips: Graviton
  • How ARM based processors differ from existing chips
  • What it means for businesses to own the relationship with the customer
  • The benefit Amazon has from profiling billions upon billions of computations
  • Biggest takeaway from Amazon’s QLDB announcement