For Institutional Investors:

Long-Term Growth With Low Correlation To Traditional Strategies

ARK aims to capture long-term growth in the public markets by investing in disruptive innovation. We believe that over a full-market cycle we can provide attractive performance with low correlations of relative returns to traditional strategies.

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ARK Believes Disruptive Innovation Is Key To Growth

ARK defines disruptive innovation as the introduction of a technologically enabled product or service that should transform economic activity by creating simplicity and accessibility while driving down costs. Despite its potential, the full magnitude of disruptive innovation and the investment opportunities it creates often are unrecognized or misunderstood by traditional investors.

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ARK’s Investment Team Is Rooted In Experience

ARK is rooted in over 40 years of experience in identifying and investing in disruptive innovations that should change the way the world works and deliver outsized growth as industries transform. ARK’s CIO and Director of Research have worked together for almost 15 years and recognize that disruptive innovation demands a dynamic and universal approach.

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ARK Utilizes An Open Research Ecosystem

ARK believes that a combination of top-down and bottom-up research allows it to size the investment opportunity of disruptive innovation, and then detect and evaluate companies best positioned to benefit. To gain a deeper understanding of quickly changing themes, ARK employs an open research approach to gather information, both helping to define and refine its internal research process.

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ARK Actively Manages High Conviction Portfolios

ARK believes that its investment process and active management of high-conviction portfolios capitalizes on rapid change and avoids industries and companies likely to be displaced by innovation. ARK uses its own scoring system to continuously value companies and monitor the underlying investment thesis. As scores change, ARK’s Investment Team adjusts stock positions in the portfolio.

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ARK’s Investment Process Seeks To Identify Innovation Early

Top-Down Research

To define the investment universe, ARK initially examines from the top-down how the world is changing and where it is headed.



Identify Disruptive Innovation

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Sizing The Opportunity

Define The Potential Universe

Bottom-Up Research

To refine the investment opportunity, ARK’s bottom-up analysis evaluates potential investments based on our defined key metrics.

Stock Selection and Valuation

Stock Selection and Valuation

Select Portfolio Companies

Portfolio And Risk Management

Portfolio And Risk Management

Monitor Conviction & Market Volatility

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How To Utilize ARK’s Strategies Within A Portfolio

Disruptive innovation has the potential to be the main driver of long-term growth over the next decade. We believe your financial wellness should benefit.

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Source For Growth

Suited for investors who seek long-term growth by accessing companies at the forefront of disruptive innovation in some of the most promising areas of the economy.

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Long-Term Risk-Reward

Suited for investors that have a moderate-to-high risk profile and intend to stay invested for the medium-to-long term. ARK believes it will outperform broad benchmarks over the course of a full-market cycle.

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Portfolio Diversification

Suited for investors who want to diversify their existing portfolio with strategies that offer low correlation to a number of core asset classes held in most portfolios.

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