This monthly report is authored by ARK’s CEO, Cathie Wood, ARK Analysts, Yassine Elmandjra and Frank Downing, and ARK Research Associate, David Puell.

Considering the market’s fast pace of change, ARK publishes The Bitcoin Monthly, an earnings report that details relevant on-chain activity and showcases the openness, transparency, and accessibility of blockchain data.

Topics Addressed in The Bitcoin Monthly June Report include:

  • Bitcoin closed the month of June down nearly 40%, declining from $31,780 to $19,980.
  • Contagion in the crypto markets continued as Celsius and Three Arrows Capital came undone.
  • Market contagion sends bitcoin into capitulation.
  • Despite record-high realized losses, unrealized losses could allow further downside.
  • Uncertain macro conditions are weighing on bitcoin’s recovery and outlook.

We hope you find this commentary useful.

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