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Big Ideas Report 2020

ARK seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the convergence, market potential, and long-term impact of disruptive innovation by researching a global universe that spans sectors, industries, and markets. Today, we seem to be witnessing an acceleration in new technological breakthroughs. To enlighten investors on the impact of these breakthroughs and the opportunities they will create, we began publishing Big Ideas in 2017. This annual research report highlights the latest developments in innovation and offers some of our most provocative research conclusions for the coming year.

We hope you enjoy our “Big Ideas” for 2020.

Big Ideas 2020 Overview

  • Deep Learning — From Vision to Language
  • Streaming Media — The Primary Technology Behind Content Distribution
  • Electric Vehicles — Faster Adoption Than Most Think
  • Automation — Increased Productivity and More Jobs
  • 3D Printing — An Underestimated Technology
  • Autonomous Ridehailing — The Future of Transportation
  • Aerial Drones — A Cost Saver and Potential Life Saver
  • Next Generation DNA Sequencing — The Transformation of Oncology
  • Biotech R&D Efficiency — The Convergence in Healthcare
  • Digital Wallets — The Transformation of Banking
    Bitcoin — An Evolution of Monetary Systems
Big Ideas 2020 Overview
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#BIS2020 Virtual Conference

ARK’s Big Ideas Summit seeks to educate investors by putting them in the driver seat. Designed specifically for investors, the Big Ideas Summit features a select group of experts answering the industry’s biggest questions about the market.

During a period of uncertainty, fast-moving news, and market volatility, we believe trusted communication is more important than ever. #Bis2020 offered an informed discussion about COVID-19, government policies, macroeconomics, and innovation trends.